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TCL Split type inverter TAC-09 CSA/KEI

TCL Split type inverter TAC-09 CSA/KEI

plit air conditioners are essential for efficient and targeted cooling in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. They offer quieter operation, better energy efficiency, and more flexible installation compared to traditional window units, making them the standard cooling/heating solutions in modern times.

  • How it works?

    If you are selecting a split air conditioner, TCL stands out as a top choice. Boasting Turbo Cooling/Heating capabilities, TCL units can swiftly adjust room temperatures, cooling down to 18 °C within 30 seconds and warming up to 40 °C in just 60 seconds. Moreover, The AI inverter technology integrated into our ACs enhances the efficiency of split AC heating/cooling by huge margins, allowing for energy savings of up to 60% while keeping the temperature stable within ±1°C. But TCL’s technical expertise goes beyond the above. For example, our innovative 4-step auto-clean feature utilizes water molecules to effectively remove dust particles. With a simple button press, you can create clean, inviting breezes free of impurities. Furthermore, our split air conditioners are smart products that can be seamlessly controlled via the TCL Home App, meaning a few taps will suffice to help you adjust the settings as you like regardless of your current location.

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