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Reduces energy use by 77%* to save money
WindFree™ Cooling (Energy Saving)
Save money every day with highly energy-efficient WindFree™ Cooling. When operating in WinFree™ mode, the outdoor unit consumes minimal power – using up to 77% less electricity compared to the Fast Cooling mode*. So you can stay comfortably cool without worrying about your electricity

  • Reduces noise and energy use by 73%*

    Digital Inverter Boost
    Save money every day with highly energy-efficient Digital Inverter Boost technology. It maintains the desired temperature with less fluctuation. It also has neodymium magnets and a Twin Tube Muffler, so it works efficiently, quietly and lasts much longer. And it reduces energy usage by up to 73%*.

  • Designed to cool faster, wider & farther Fast Cool

    Designed to cool faster, wider & farther
    Fast Cooling
    Cool rooms quickly from corner to corner, so you’re always comfortable. Digital Inverter Boost technology cools the air 43% faster*. Its advanced design also has a 15% larger fan, 18% wider inlet and a 31% wider blade. So cool air is dispersed farther and wider**, reaching up to 15 meters.

  • Simply cleans itself – automatically

    Auto Clean (3 Steps)
    Keep the inside of your air conditioner hygienic by doing nothing! After it has been working, the Auto Clean function automatically dries the Heat Exchanger using a 3-step process. It removes moisture by blowing air for between 10 to 30 minutes. So it prevents the build-up of bacteria and odors.



    • Capacity (Cooling, kJ/h) 10600kJ/hW
    • Capacity (Cooling, Min - Max, kJ/h) 4750 - 12660kJ/hW

    Noise Level

    • Noise Level (Indoor, High/Low, dBA) 37/21 dBA
    • Noise Level (Outdoor, High/Low, dBA) 49 dBA

    Electrical Data

    • Power Source(Φ/V/Hz)1 / 220-240 / 60
    • Power Consumption(Cooling, W) 870 W
    • Operating Current(Cooling, A) 6.5 A

    Physical specification

    • Net Dimension (Indoor, WxHxD, mm) 820*299*215 mm
    • Net Dimension (Outdoor, WxHxD, mm) 660*475*242 mm
    • Net Weight (Indoor, kg) 9.2 kg
    • Net Weight (Outdoor, kg) 19.1 kg

    Technical Information

    • Piping Length (Max, m) 15 m
    • Piping Height (Max, m) 7 m 
    • SVC Valve (Liquid (ODxL)) 6.35 
    • SVC Valve (Gas (ODxL)) 9.52
    • Moisture Removal (l/hr) 1.0 l/hr 
    • Air Circulation (Cooling, ㎥/min) 10.7 ㎥/min  
    • Refrigerant (Type) R32 
    • Refrigerant (Charging, tCO2e) 0.34tCO2e
    • Low Ambient (Cooling, ℃) 16~46 ℃
    • Outdoor Unit (Compressor Type) BLDC
    • Outdoor Unit (Anti-Corrosion Fin) Yes

    Air Flow

    • WindFree Cooling Yes
    • Air Direction Control (Up/Down) Auto
    • Air Direction Control (Left/Right) Auto
    • Air Flow Control Step (Cool/Fan) 5/4

    Air Purification

    • PM 1.0 Filter No
    • Tri Care Filter No
    • Easy Filter Plus (Anti-Bacteria) Yes
    • Auto Clean (Self Cleaning) Yes


    • SmartThings No  
    • AI Auto Cooling No
    • Motion Detect Sensor No


    • Freeze Wash No
    • Beep On/Off Yes
    •  24-Hour Timer Yes
    • Auto Restart Yes

    Operating Mode

    • Auto Mode Yes
    • Fast Cool Yes
    • Good Sleep Yes
    • Eco Mode Yes
    • Dehumidification Yes 
    • Fan Mode Yes
    • Quiet Yes


    • WiFi Embedded No

    App Connectivity

    • SmartThings App Support No
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