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CAHP-120 Hybrid Light Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater

CAHP-120 Hybrid Light Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater

A. O. Smith CAHP line of commercial heat pump water heaters brings the right mix of energy efficiency and affordability to the commercial water heating market.

CAHP extends the MasterFit tradition of unmatched flexibility in heating capacity with a powerful Heat Pump module that guarantees continuous electrical and operating cost saving.

This balance in design ensures an ROI worth evaluating for any commercial establishment that uses hot water in operations.

The CAHP120 features at least 50% more storage capacity than any other hybrid or integrated heat pump water heaters in the market today. The big storage bump ensures more hot water produced through the heat pump module over the years.

  • How it works?

    CAHP light commercial a 1.5HP heat pump module for high recovery renewable energy savings. The heat pump system consists of a compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator working together to harness ambient heat in the air and move them to the hot water tank.



    • Efficient Renewable Energy Technology

    This water heater is a highly efficient, energy-saving and environment-friendly device. While running in energy-saving mode, users can save up to 70% on electricity costs when compared to a conventional electric water heater.

    • AES (Adaptive Energy Saving system) function

    This water heater has a unique AES feature which adopts the heating cycles to the water utilization habit of the user. This enables the water heater to switch on automatically at the required time, saving energy by minimizing thermal losses.

    • Blue Diamond Glass Lined Tank

    This water heater comes with a special glass-lined tank. This lining offers the protection against tank corrosion and increases the life of the water heater and it is achieved through a specialized fusion process.

    The tanks are designed to pass 100,000 cycle fatigue test. This makes it one of the best tanks resistant to rust and scaling.

    • Outer Coil Heat Exchanger

    Large surface area of the Heat exchanger moves heat from refrigerant to the water efficiently.

    • Double Wall Refrigerant Isolation 

    Refrigerant is isolated from water from both sides, providing extra safety and protection for the water heater.

    • Glass-lined Electric Heating Element

    Dual 3kW backup heating element helps in quick heating.

    • Extra-thick Insulation

    Tank insulation minimizes standby heat loss so generated hot water stays longer and reducing energy requirements.

    • Wired Remote LCD Control

    Digital user interface provides easya access to temperature, feature and mode settings.

    • Adjustable Mode Settings

    This water heater can be set by the user to operate in different energy modes: Efficiency mode prioritizes use of heat pump module; High Demand mode combines heat pump and electric element for extra high recovery usage

    • High Temperature Limit Protection Switch

    This water heater employs a high-temperature limit protection switch. In case any fault occurs and the water temperature exceeds the highest preset temperature, the switch rapidly cuts off the phase and neutral line simultaneously to guarantee safety.

    • Safety Valve

    A safety valve for the water heater is provided and set while leaving the factory and it is not adjustable by the user. The safety valve must be installed at the inlet pipe of the water heater.

    This valve will relieve pressure automatically while the piping system exceeds the rated pressure. The discharge port of the safety valve and the condensate pipe should be connected to the floor drain through the three-pass discharge pipe.

    • Sacrificial Anode Rod 

    Anode rod protects the glass lining inside the tank to prolong the life of the water heater.

    • Waterproof Outdoor Design

    Can be installed in an outdoor setting gives you more flexibility in installation location.


    Model CAHP-120 6kW
    Heat Pump Specifications  
    Heat Pump Input 1.25 kW
    COP 3.3
    Heat Pump Heating Capacity 4.13 kW
    Electrical 220V 60Hz 1ph / 380V 60Hz 1ph
    Backup Element 6 kW
    Max. Operating Current 41.6A / 15.8A
    Unit Maximum Power 9.7 kW
    Unit Maximum Heating Capacity 10.13 kW
    Refrigerant R134a 1.1kg
    Storage Capacity 120 gallons (450L)
    Hot Water Delivery Rate (Efficiency) 89 lph
    Hot Water Delivery Rate (High Demand) 218 lph
    Maximum Water Temperature in Efficiency Mode 65 degrees Celsius
    Temperature Range 35-82 degrees Celsius
    Ambient Temperature for Heat Pump 5-48 degrees Celsius
    Ambient Temperature for Unit -15-50 degrees Celsius
    Sound Level 57 dBA
    Air Outlet Noise 60 dBA
    Connections 3/4" NPT (Female Thread)
    Overall Height 1700 mm
    Tank Diameter 711 mm
    Maximum Depth 1002 mm
    Door Width 503 mm
    Net Weight 198 kg
    Operation Weight 653 kg


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