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WIne Turbines

About Our Environmental Engineering Firm

CGM Solar and energy Consulting is comprised of a group of engineering experts who focus on creative solutions for complex engineering projects. Since 2019, we’ve accomplished much success with various projects. We strive for innovation and work carefully in order to stay within budget while providing maximum value for our clients.

WIne Turbines

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Solar Systems

Functional Design

CGM Solar and energy Consulting provide professional solar systems to our customers with accurate energy calculation. • Industrial inverters custom factory made, to meet your demand 5-100KW, single phase or 3 phase. • Lithium Batteries with designed life span of 18-20 years • Solar panels with rail systems for all types of roofings, concrete roof or stand-alone racks.


Hybrid Water Heater

The world's smallest heat pump water heater with the HPW Series. This Hybrid Wall Hung Electric Water Heater is the most advanced water heater of its class, featuring a patented heat pump module that delivers hot water at a much-reduced energy cost.

Its compact wall-hung design fits perfectly in high-end condominiums where space is premium and energy efficiency is prized. Its beautiful exterior and user-friendly LED HD touch display match the elegance and luxury of your bathroom.

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Heat Pump water heater

Hybrid heat pump water heaters combine the efficiency of heat pumps with the traditional water heater. When ambient air temperature becomes too cold for the heat pump to harvest heat efficiently, the hybrid heater smartly switches to use backup heating elements. A heat pump water heater is an energy efficient device that transfers ambient heat from the environment into a storage tank via mechanical energy to heat water. 


DC Solar Water Pump

A solar water pump is a type of pump that is driven by the electricity produced from solar panels. Solar pumps are manufactured to supply an eco-friendly and less expensive solution to pumping water in areas where there is no access to the power grid.

Perfect for household and utility applications of transferring water from one place to another, solved the water shortage problems of surface water.

What is split type aircon?

A split air conditioning system is known for its quiet yet powerful and energy-efficient performance. Its cooling capacity is mainly separated into two parts. The outdoor unit houses the compressor that is responsible for monitoring the flow of the refrigerant from the evaporator to the condenser coils. Meanwhile, the indoor unit is responsible for distributing and maintaining fresh and clean air inside the housing.
What brands we Offer?



LiFePO4 Lithuim Battery

1. Iron Phosphate-lithium power battery
2. Long warranty period: 7 -11 years
3. Higher energy density,smaller volumn for household.
4. Support Connected in parallel mode for expansion.
5. Photovoltaic system:this battery pack is designed for household photovoltaic systems.
6.Built-in BMS(Battery Management System).
7.Floor or power wall mount for simple installation.
8.Support up to 12 LPBA batteries in parallel. 

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Leni A. Christensen


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Peter Christensen (Husband)

Partner Head Engineer

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Allan Alidon

Installation Manager



Warehouse Manager

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Paulo Alidon

Office Cordinator

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